Our Board

Our Board is made up of individuals working together towards a common goal. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 


Interested in open board positions? Contact us!



  • Acting President: Jonas Dino jdino@afeu.org 
  • VP Legislative Affairs: Jonas Dino jdino@afeu.org
  • VP Negotiations: David Schwenke
  • VP Safety: Mike Wilder
  • VP Benefits: Misty Davies
  • VP Membership: Frank Tavares
  • Chief Steward: Janette Rocha
  • Deputy Chief Steward: Wendy Holforty
  • Treasurer: Sandra Ramirez
  • Secretary: Carolina Rudisel
  • Trustee: Brenden Sanborn
  • Trustee: Brigit Salgado
  • Trustee: Josh Alwood