Your Union has documents that describe its relationship with you, its relationship with IFPTE (our parent union) and the union’s relationship with management.


AFEU’s constitution describes the union’s objectives, membership, eligibility, dues, the Executive Board officers and duties, elections, delegates to the IFPTE conventions, arbitrations and negotiations and bylaws and amendments. Available here.


Additionally, the IFPTE constitution is available here.


AFEU’s bylaws govern the behavior of its executive board and steward corps.

Two different groups of bylaws govern AFEU’s operations:


  • The Executive Board bylaws are the rules that govern the behavior of your elected officers. The Executive Board bylaws (current version dated 12/20/17) are available here.

  • The Steward Corps bylaws are the rules that govern the behavior of your stewards — the people who represent and defend you as a union member. The Steward Corps bylaws (current version dated 6/30/10) are available here.


AFEU’s contract (or negotiated agreement) describes the core of its relationship with NASA Ames is available here.


Issues not covered in the contract are negotiated through memoranda of agreement.


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