President Biden Signs Continuing Resolution

10/2/2023 7:44 am

With 3-hour left before a government shutdown, President Biden signed a bi-partisan continuing resolution (CR) that funds the government until Nov. 17, 2023.

In a surprise move, Speaker McCarthy put a bi-partisan stopgap funding resolution on the House floor. Unable to get a Republican-only spending bill, McCarthy relied on Democrats to bring the passage of the resolution bypassing a portion of his party against a short-term spending bill. The resolution went to the Senate and was passed in short time.

The Continuing Resolution allows NASA and the rest of the Federal government to continue our important work for the American people with little disruption.

I'm hopeful that Congress continues to work together in a bi-partisan manner to pass a full FY-24 budget and avoids the budget chaos of the past few weeks come Nov. 17.

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