Candidate Statements

5/4/2021 6:38 pm

The following members have been nominated and have accepted the nominations to the following positions:


Names in bold have attached candidate statements. Click on the name to read the candidate statement.


President: Suzanne Meyer

VP for Legislative Affairs: Jonas Dino

VP for Negotiations: David Schwenke

VP for Safety: 1) Mike Wilder 2) Ali Guanermos-Luna (Pick 1)

Chief Steward: Janette Rocha

VP for Membership: Frank Tavares

VP for Benefits: Misty Davies

Secretary: Carolina Rudisel

Treasurer: Sandra Ramirez

Trustee: 1) Brenden Sanborn 2) Brigit Salgado 3) Josh Alwood 4) Ali Guanermos-Luna (Pick 3)


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